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Librarians can teach Social Media:

21 Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom/Library:

Free Royalty Free Clip Art for Destiny:

A little of everything:

A Wiki by Librarians to Help Librarians learn Web 2.0 tools:

A wiki for librarians- this page is a list with links of book-related podcasts:

Dewey Decimal System:

Library Skills video and more:

14 Ways Librarians can teach Social Media:

Teacher Librarian Videoconferencing is a Ning from California that meets via videoconferencing once a month. is list of top 100 educational web apps.

Book Report ideas:
Children's Authors and what they wrote:

Media Literacy and Information Literacy:

Journalism Resources:

Powerpoints on just about everything:

Blog on the 10 Best Education Games with links to those games.

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Miami University Children's Book Database:

This is a wonderful resource... you can search by author, subject, whatever!

International Digital Children's Library

Media Skills Class with links:
Media Awareness for kids- lesson:
Media-Savy with Quiz-

Technology Tutorials:

Books about Libraries and Librarians... an annotated bibliography!

Make your own tests:

One billion mazes:

Filamentality- Create WebQuests and more...

CyberSmart Lesson Plans and Activities

Practical teaching units and classroom activities for media education

This is an awesome site: (for lesson plans and ideas)

For the district's actual library curriculum

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